I Heart Matthew Williamson

In colour, designer, dress, girly, I heart, London, pretty, sexy on October 29, 2009 at 9:28 pm

 Matthew Williamson’s designs caught my eye while I was flipping through  The London Paper (or was it  London Lite?) while living in London last year.  A news story had broken that he was collaborating with high-street powerhouse H&M on a collection of sequins and floral pieces for a very limited release.  I had no idea who Mr. Williamson was, but I knew that I wanted some. It’s only through H&M can woman like myself afford to taste high-end luxury.

Well, I never did get anything as they were his collection sold-out as soon as it went public. But I can never forget the exquisite, and highly modern disco-esque line. There were splashes of blues, and fuchsias and greens. They were sixties styles cuts, with a `70s edge.

If you’re passionate enough, you’ll be able to see that you can tell a lot about a fashion designer by the clothes they construct. Obviously, Mr. Williamson is glamorous. But he’s also cultured and influenced by more than the superficiality of dramatic high-fashion.

I have a great feeling that he’ll shock the fashion world in 2010.


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